Access Challenge

Take the challenge!

Take the BodyTalk access challenge today and start experiencing amazing healing results!

Getting Started:

  • Find a 1-day BodyTalk Access class near you. Check out my upcoming classes.
  • Become a BodyTalk Access Technician (by taking the 1-day course).
  • Join the 30-Day challenge!
  • Write down all of your health complaints or challenges (include emotional, personal, mental, physical, financial, relationship, and spiritual).
  • Fold up your paper, put it in an envelope, seal it and put it away for safe keeping.
  • Do the BodyTalk Access routine daily for the next 30 days.

All 5 techniques should be done at least once a day!

If you miss a day:

Don’t get discouraged or stop!!

Just start up the next day again and continue with your commitment to empowering your wellbeing.
After 30 days take out the envelope and see what has: changed, improved and shifted for you!

Not only will this challenge help you really get in touch with your body and the magnificent healing it is capable of, but it will help you memorize and cement the BodyTalk Access techniques as second nature knowledge so you can use them at any time.

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