Maina integrates her lifelong passion for body movement and extensive training of the human anatomy and spirituality to cultivate awareness and enhance consciousness of the inter-connectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. Maina has immersed herself in South Florida’s Yoga and Holistic communities introducing and spreading BodyTalk consciousness.

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Courses Taken

  • Breakthrough I and II with Esther Veltheim
  • Mindscape with Kris Attard
  • The Souls Journey exploring the Mind and 3 Brains with Dr. John Veltheim
  • Body Ecology with Dr. Laura Stuve
  • San Baio with Dr. Nancy Werner and Janet Galipo
  • Structural Integration with Lynn Teachworth
  • PaRama Unit 1 Practical with Dr. Nancy Werner and Janet Galipo
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals
  • Advanced BodyTalk Modules 3 – 9
Maina is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish and her private practice includes sessions of BodyTalk, Integrative Therapeutic Bodywork, and other energy medicine modalities. She incorporates various styles and methods that she has picked up throughout her time spent in Miami, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, São Luís and Brasília.
Maina continually supports Janet Galipo, Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor, in developing and spreading the BodyTalk system in Brazil since 2003. She is also an active board member and ambassador of Be Healthy, Inc. non-profit organization that provides low-income communities with free or low cost BodyTalk healthcare and education.

Contact Info
Phone: (305) 333-5372
Available for home sessions
Available for Clinic sessions on Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00am - 6:00pm
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